The food and beverage industry has undergone a technological transformation in recent times: the rise of online food delivery platforms like Deliveroo and JustEat has made food delivery more accessible and convenient than ever before. Customers are opting to order food online rather than heading to a dine-in restaurant to the extent that food delivery grew by £3.7bn in 2020 to reach £11.4bn - double its 2015 market value.


For many businesses, the rise of online food delivery is an opportunity to expand and grow their business. Partnering with some of these online food delivery businesses can give you access to a new pool of previously untapped customers – but there’s a catch: running a fully-fledged food delivery business isn’t exactly the same as running a dine-in restaurant. Each has different needs, making it difficult to balance both. 

Cloud kitchens offer a pragmatic solution to this problem, though. They offer restaurant brands the opportunity to open new locations at an affordable price, run them with the utmost efficiency, and drive growth previously unimaginable. Many restaurant owners have heard of the idea. If you’re one of them who is considering adopting them as a solution to outlast the pandemic and come out the other end stronger than before, you’ll need to know the basics. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about cloud kitchens:

What are cloud kitchens?

Cloud kitchens (also known as ghost, virtual, or dark kitchens) are effectively a restaurant kitchen that is solely delivery focused. This means that instead of serving physical dine-in orders, it only serves delivery orders. This is done via the use of online delivery platforms like JustEat and Deliveroo. Located within the delivery radius of a large volume of consumers, you can increase your customer base whilst not being physically situated in the central business district where rent is often unaffordable. This improves the overall logistic operability of the kitchen. 

How does a cloud kitchen make its money? 

The cloud kitchen model is oriented towards improving efficiency. They are able to significantly cut down how much you spend through having a smaller team, lower overheads, and streamlined processes. Combined with access to a new pool of customers, this means that restaurants running cloud kitchens can widen their profit margins and make more money – all without the risk typically associated with opening a new restaurant. 

Cloud kitchens can also be used for more than one brand. This can come in handy when it comes to sharing expensive equipment and streamlining operations so that your kitchen space is never left unused. 

How expensive is a cloud kitchen? 

Cloud kitchens are comparatively cheap in contrast to their traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant counterparts. With reduced upfront, ongoing, and overhead costs, cloud kitchens are a highly sought after, affordable solution for restaurant businesses of all sizes. 

Where are our cloud kitchens in Scotland?

CloudQitchens is Scotland's premier cloud kitchen provider. With locations coming soon across the country, you have the capability to help your business reach large volumes of customers quickly and conveniently.

What facilities and equipment do we provide?

Our kitchens are designed and equipped with the latest technology, state of the art equipment, and facilities. Regardless of your cuisine, cooking style, or demand, our kitchens are generously outfitted to fit your needs. Bring whatever you have on hand, and our professional team will help you mix and match to create a kitchen highly optimised for your needs.

Basic kit (all kitchens)
  • Double prep sink

  • Hand wash basin


  • Extraction & ventilation

  • Natural gas & interlock system

  • Three phase electricity

  • Industrial boiler

  • Non-slip floor

  • Hygienic walls / skirting

  • Commercial high power lighting

  • Fire rated infrastructure & safety system

  • Loading docks for delivery / collection

  • Communal cleaning / pest control

  • Helpful community managers

  • Dedicated security

  • Free WiFi

  • Free waste collection

Additional storage (additional fee)
  • Chilled

  • Ambient

  • Frozen

Additional kit (available for purchase)
  • 4-burner gas hob

  • Combi oven

  • Stainless steel workbenches

  • Commercial refrigeration / freezer

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