How Will Dark Kitchens Impact Your Restaurant?

The term "dark kitchen" (also known as ghost kitchen or cloud kitchen) is relatively new and usually refers to a unit or container in an industrial area preparing food for delivery. Restaurant operators typically have their own staff and cooking areas in dark kitchens, but space itself is owned by a third party (often the delivery operator). The success of online ordering by players like Uber Eats, Glovo, Just Eat and more has paved the way for dark kitchens. These third-party delivery channels allow food processing businesses to easily connect with customers and quickly deliver food to their doorstep. Delivering food to the customer has become easier even for small, stand-alone restaurants - a change that has led to an increase in supply in line with the ever- increasing demand



  • REDUCED COSTS. The operator does not need to worry about renting, store furnishing or design, or other real estate costs for dark kitchens. Places with high demand, high traffic and high-quality staff are expensive to find and maintain. If you don't need to accommodate visitors, hire waiters, or invest in decorative furniture then costs can be significantly reduced

  • EXPERIENCE WITH NEW BRANDS. Another principal value of the dark kitchen model is the ability to experiment with new brands, menus, and concepts easily. There are no physical prerequisites to consider when consumer product trends change. A delivery kitchen can quickly transition to a completely different menu or concept in no time. If the brand doesn't land it can easily create a new one and try again.

  • NEW CHANNELS TO ENTER THE MARKET. Dark kitchens can be seen as an opportunity to expand with delivery to areas without incurring the cost of a fully functioning restaurant. With the growth of the food delivery industry - a trend that is expected to continue – dark kitchens are on the rise. With this, and the impact of the COVID pandemic on the hospitality industry, dark kitchens are in high demand. Now is the time to grow your business, invest is reaching new customers and increase your sales. Reduce overheads, labour costs, rent and increase your profits with CloudQitchens, your partner kitchen.

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